Brick Oven Artisan Flatbread

  • Italiano ~ 12/22
    Pepperoni, housemade sausage, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, creamy ricotta sauce, topped with scallions
  • Meatzza ~ 12/22
    Pepperoni, sausage, and bacon with housemade marinara
  • Cellar ~ 11/21
    Roasted garlic, grilled chicken, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, creamy ricotta sauce and topped scallions
  • Smith Flat Combo ~ 12/22
    Pepperoni, sausage, olives, carmalized onions, sauteed mushrooms, peppers and housemade marinara
  • From the Garden ~ 11/21
    Heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzerella,  basil coulis, herb de provence, light housemade marinara, drizzled with a balsamic reduction

Little Miners

  • Grilled Cheese ~ 6.5
    Grilled four cheese sandwich with housemade chips
  • Bolognase ~ 8
    Fresh linguini in a bolognase sauce, topped with parmigiano reggiano
  • Cheese Artisan Flatbread ~ 7
    Cheese brick oven artisan flatbread with housemade marinara
  • Gold Miner’s Chicken ~ 8
    Panko crusted chicken with housemade chips served with a honey mustard or ranch dipping sauce



**Gluten-Free option- Spiral spun local sourced vegatables**

  • Pappardelle ~ 16
    Fresh cut pappardelle with zesty three cheese cream sauce crispy prosciutto and parmigiano reggiano
  • Frutti Di Mare ~ 25
    Clams, bay scallops, prawns, sundried tomatoes, carmalized red onion, creamed court bouillon with fresh hand cut linguini
  • Tusan Style Bolognese ~ 19
    Sander’s family secret bolognese, housemade italian sausage, grass fed beef, topped with parmigiano reggiano
  • Duck Confit ~ 22
    Manicotti with duck confit, ricotta cheese, braised spinach, served in a basil parmesan cream sauce
  • Linguini al Pesto ~ 19
    Fresh handcut linguini with local seasonal produce, braised spinach and house pesto sauce


  • Three grain rice pilaf ~ 4
  • Smashed potatoes with gorgonzola and honey cured bacon ~ 5
  • Roasted locally sourced organic vegetables with courtyard herbs ~ 5
  • Chef’s blend sauteed mushrooms ~ 6
  • Soup of the moment ~ Cup 4 Bowl 6



Center of the Plate

  • All Natural Herb Crusted Beef Tenderloin ~ 32                    
    Grass fed tenderloin with bordelaise sauce, horseradish mashed potatoes, carmalized shallots and carrots.
    Offered with Smith Flat house salad or soup of the moment.
  • All Natural Grilled Ribeye with Herbed Butter ~ 30                    
    Baked potato accompanied with: sour cream, butter, chives, honey cured bacon, and local handcut seasonal vegetables.
    Offered with Smith Flat House salad or soup of the moment.
  • Local Cider Soaked Pork Tenderloin ~ 20                    
    Apple cider brined White Marble pork tenderloin paired with an apple chutney, served with Smith Flat roasted potato medley with peppers, onions, and local handcut seasonal vegetables.
  • Herb de Provence Panko Crusted Chicken ~ 18                    
    Served with caramalized shallots and carrots atop three grain rice pilaf.
  • Line Caught Wild Salmon Filet ~ 24                    
    Served “Oscar” style with crab, lemon caper sauce on three grain rice pilaf and local handcut seasonal vegetables.
  • Bouillabaisse ~ 32                    
    “Lazyman Cioppino”
    Fish of the day swimming with shelled dungenous crab prawns, scallops, clams in a savory saffron broth.
    Served with a Smith Flat House salad or soup of the moment.
  • Remi’s Ratatouille ~ 15
    Locally grown vegetables snuggled in summer squash topped with parmesan reggiano.
  • Tuscan Lamb ~ 19
    Ground natural lamb stuffed in fire roasted peppers with house marinara topped with chevre’ cheese.


  • Smith Flat House ~ 5/8
    Baby field greens, julienne carrots, julienne jicama, tossed with watermelon radish, parmigiano reggiano, lemon vinaigrette and croutons.
  • Deconstructed Grilled Caesar ~ 6/9
    Hearts of romaine, dusted with parmigiano reggiano, housemade caesar dressing, topped with croutons.
  • Cellar Belgium Endive ~ 7
    Boursin cheese, Mediterranean tapenade, citrus vinaigrette, garnished with grape tomatoes.
  • Prism ~ 5/8
    Baby field greens, julienne jicama, fresh apples, sundried cranberries, toasted almonds, chevre paired with an orange oregano vinaigrette.
  • Beef Tenderloin ~ 14
    Grilled beef tenderloin medallions served warm on top of chilled baby field greens, housemade pickled vegetables, Humboldt fog cheese, toasted almonds with a balsamic drizzle.
  • Pesto Chicken Pinwheel ~ 12
    Pesto chicken pinwheel stuffed with braised spinach, and fire roasted red pepper on baby field greens. With julienne carrots and jicima, tossed with pesto cream dressing.
  • Add pesto chicken ~ 4
  • Add grilled prawns ~ 6



Hors D’oeuvres

  • Charcuterie Plate ~ 12/16
    House roasted mixed nuts, triple cream brie, manchego smoked cheddar, prosciutto, natural summer sausages, with crostinis.
  • Pull Apart Sourdough ~ 7
    Fresh baked sourdough round with pepperoni & assorted cheeses, house made marinara dipping sauce.
  • Grilled Scallops with Pork Belly ~ 11
    Grilled sea scallops, candied pork belly, apples, fried sage, balsamic glaze, sea salt.
  • Lemon Grass Grilled Prawns ~ 12
    Lemon grass grilled prawns with a red pepper caper aioli.
  • Fig & Arugula Flatbread ~ 8
    Brick oven flatbread topped with chevre, prosciutto, figs and creamy ricotta sauce.
  • Spicy Bourbon Mussels & Steamers ~ 11
    Sundried tomatoes, chorizo, bourbon served in a housemade bourbon tomato broth.